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Design Project: Patchwork Balls, Step 2
May 29, 2009

1. First, draw your fabric pattern on a piece of paper. See the diagram above? Try to draw shapes like those. You should have one leaf-shaped drawing (This should be about 6cm wide and 16cm long) and one circle-shaped drawing (This should be about 3cm wide).

2. If you want to make a smaller ball instead, you can do that too! Just draw the leaf-shaped piece to be about 8cm long and 3cm wide. Experiment and see which size you like best, or try a bunch of sizes!

3. Next, cut out the design pattern you just drew. This will be your guide to help cut the fabric later, so don’t lose it :)

4. Choose your fabric! Pick out which fabric pieces you will use to create your ball. You can design it to be all one color, mix and match, rainbow colors, funky patterns. It’s up to you! P.S. It helps to have the fabric smooth and wrinkle-free, so ask a parent to help iron the fabric if you need to.

Next week, we will start to sew the pieces together. Have a blast picking out fabric colors and patters. Get creative!

If you’re having any trouble, just tell us about it below and we’ll help!

Did you miss Step 1? No problem — you can find it here.


Photo & Tutorial Credit: Tiny Happy

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