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Design Project: Patchwork Balls, Step 1
May 22, 2009

By next week, all you have to do is this:

Step One: Get Your Materials Ready

Ask an adult to help you get these items together:

  1. Small scraps of cotton fabric (I like to use quilter’s-weight cotton best, because it’s strong and less likely to fray at the seams.)
  2. Needle and thread, scissors, pins
  3. Paper and pencil
  4. Sewing machine (but you could sew the whole thing by hand, if you don’t have a machine.)
  5. Stuffing – polyfill is best for small babies, but you could also use fabric scraps or cotton or wool stuffing.
  6. Optional, but fun: a small bell for a baby’s ball, rice to put with the stuffing for extra weight, or fill with just rice to make a hacky sack/juggling ball

Once you’ve gotten all of these materials together, find a place where you can keep them so they’re ready to go as the project moves along.

Next week we’ll cut out our pattern!  Have fun choosing your materials!

If you have any trouble at all, just let us know below! We’re happy to help!


Patchwork Fabric Balls Photo Credit: tinyhappy.typepad.com

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