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Think Like an Ant
October 4, 2012

So get this: researchers marked ants so that they could follow them and see how they decide. Ants sometimes go by themselves to make a choice and sometimes seem to gather as a group and then decide as a group. They wanted to learn if they make better choices by themselves or as a group.

The researchers watched and figured out that the ants chose new places to make a nest both alone and together. They could even tell that the ants were deciding between good nesting sites or bad ones.

STEM Challenge: Do you think ants make better choices by themselves or as a group? Or do you think the choices were all the same?

Check back next week, on October 11 — THE FIRST EVER DAY OF THE GIRL! — and find out if you are right! All answers will be put into a drawing for a cool, STEM avatar.

Special thanks to ScienceNews, News in Brief, for this great story!


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