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Do I Need To Shave?
September 17, 2009

First of all, talk to a parent or caregiver before shaving. It’s a big deal! Some cultures don’t shave at all! Plus, every family has its own set of values about shaving. But the thing is, since we all develop at different rates, if and when we are going to shave differs, too.  Biggest thing, though, is that once you start shaving, it’s hard to stop, because the hair wherever you started to shave will come in more noticably and feel itchy. So you don’t want to start shaving without some good advice.

Now, are you thinking, “Great, but, I feel really, well, awkward about asking my parents about it!”

Think about these things to kick off a chat about shaving:

• Why shave?

• Is it something you want to avoid as long as possible?

• Are you bothered by your hair on your legs?

• Do your friends shave?

• Does it seem fun?  Grown-up?

• Are you scared?

• Is someone teasing you?

• Do you think you will feel more comfortable wearing shorts and skirts?

These are great ways to start thinking about whether you need to or ought to start shaving. Do you feel butterflies in your stomach? That’s normal. And guess what? It will only takes 5 seconds to get the conversation going and then the butterflies fly away! And you’ll get the great advice you’re needing from the perfect place: your parents or caregivers!

Is this helpful?  What’s on your mind? Let us know what you’re thinking about in the comment section below:

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