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Huddle Up & Dance the Azonto
August 6, 2012

my company Thanks for all of your fave sports. So what do you think about this? Is dancing athletic? Check this out and see what YOU think. Can’t wait to hear!

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Recommended Site “Heeeeeya guys 

go to the website So I guess it’s time I taught you some African dance moves and I think I’ll start of with the Azonto dance. 

el hombre solo ama una vez OK so I can’t really teach you how to the dance on a blog but I will eventually post a video of me doing the dance on I’m So Random.

dating in the military advice The Azonto dance originated from Ghana but is now a very popular and trending dance in Nigeria. You can dance it to just about any song but there are some songs that are written specifically to ft the rhythm of the dance.

here are the findings A song that is really good for dancing Azonto is ‘Azonto by Fuse ODG Tiffany.’ You guys should really check out the song and watch the video!” by .

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visit Ok, iTwixie girls. Try it! Send in YOUR video of YOU dancing the Azonto. What do you think? Is dance athletic? Does dancing the Azonto make you feel stronger? 

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Thanks, , we cannot wait to see you dance the Azonto!


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