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What to Eat to Win at Gymnastics Meets
November 21, 2011

Gymnastics is the kind of intense sport that requires good nutrition at every step of training. When competition day comes, eating wisely can help you do your best. In fact, you can get started as early as the night before to power yourself up.



The Night Before:

An ideal dinner would be pasta with mixed vegetables and lean meat or tofu, fruit or yogurt for desert, and plenty of fluids.

On Competition Day:

• Enjoy a light breakfast for the energy you need without feeling too full.

• Have healthy snacks such as fruit and crackers throughout the day to keep up your energy. Some gymnasts like energy bars or dried fruit. Drink small amounts of water, all day long, so that you feel your best.


After The Competition:


Be sure to have a protein rich meal after the competion to help your muscles repair themselves. Drink plenty of fluids to replace the water your body lost during the day.

Click on nutrition tips for more ideas for all-day competition nutrition ideas.

Source: LiveStrong.com




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