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Epic Fail
December 4, 2012

Last week we asked if it is ever good to be a loser! This is what iTwixie girls said:

“You got to lose to know you can win! It teaches you how to be a good sport.” ~ littlebit219

“It’s good to be a loser if it means that your safety is protected and you are fine. Also, it means you can learn from your mistakes.” ~ FantasticFrenzy

“Being a loser rocks! If you’re a loser, you learn to laugh off losing more easily. Also, usually losing is fun because my friends and I always have epic fail conests.” ~ PumyrathePuma

“It’s good to be a loser when you are hurt, or when you want to let others win.” ~ lifeliver166

“I don’t mind being a loser. Losers have more life lessons and are more versed in making and learning from mistakes!” ~ Badwolf

Your answers are awesome and so ROTM (right on the money!) Teachers are actually being asked to teach students “how to lose” because there is too much focus on getting everything right all the time. marriage not dating ep 7 eng sub rencontres poitou charentes go to link conocer gente mallorca site de rencontre pour bĂ©ninois http://peterboroughphotographicsociety.com/primeta/519 watch rencontre du 5eme type http://sebastiancorreal.com/?molekyla=i-want-to-do-online-dating&ed8=d7 rencontre aeronautique gimont Way to Go iTwixie girls!!

Each of you has earned the right to use this amazing STEM avatar made for you by creativegenius:

Be a Loser avatar

(Special thanks to USNews.com!)

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