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Eye Protect My Eyes – Do U?
July 15, 2009

Wear sun protection. Just like we wear sunscreen to protect our skin from harmful sunrays, sunglasses do the same to protect our eyes. The sun’s rays can cause problems with our eyes, so grab those shades!

Get your eyes checked! Even if you think your eyes are fine, it’s good idea to get them tested every 2 years. Do those trees look like broccoli? Maybe you need to get your eyes checked!

Eat healthy. Certain foods have nutrients that can improve or protect your eyesight. These include fish, leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce, eggs, blueberries and grapes, and you guessed it, carrots. See! All those rumors about carrots helping you see better really are true!


Fun Fact: There is this one part of your eye called the cornea. A shark’s cornea is so similar to a human cornea, that doctors have used shark corneas in human eye surgery!

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