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August 29, 2012

Every entry is a chance to WIN a free year of DiscoveryGirls Magazine! Last week’s winner of a free year of DiscoveryGirls Magazine is luv2read! How cool is that?

Have you ever:

1. thought someone was not smart and then been surprised by how smart that person is? 

2. been so uncomfortable about how cool someone looked that you did not know what to say?


This week we are giving a lucky reader a free year of DiscoveryGirls Magazine! The reader will be chosen by a random drawing from all the entries in the comments below.  The more often you write a comment to one of these questions the more chances you have to WIN:)

The winner will be announced on Wednesday, September 5! September 5 will also be our Last Book of the Summer Party!

If you haven’t started Out of My Mind By Sharon M. Draper, no worries! There’s still time! Start reading now and check back next week for more ways you could win a free year of DiscoveryGirls Magazine!

Here is what your iTwixie BFFs say about Out of My Mind By Sharon M. Draper:

This is such an inspiring book! Melody will make you laugh, cry, and start thinking about the disabled. After reading this book, you will say wow! You can learn so many amazing things from this book!!! ~ QuestionGirl12

Out of My Mind is a Book about a girl named Melody. She has a photographic memory and she can’t stop or delete anything she has seen. She is INSANELY smart but she is stuck listening to preschool ABC songs! ~ Mockingjay

“Out of My Mind” is about a girl who is smarter than anyone in the school. She is 11 years old. The problem is that she can’t talk or tell anyone about how much she knows. Then she gets a machine that lets her type in the words she wants 2 say. Then she gets a chance 2 b on a game show with some of the other kids. ~ tink

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Be sure to check out the cool ReaderLogic reading lists that you can use to read the most amazing books for girls ever written… whether you’re a NewAvid or Epic reader, iTwixie’s ReaderLogic has something amazing for you to keep reading and staying smart all summer long :)  

ReaderLogic. Read it. Blog it. Like it. Play it. Vote it. Win it. Gotta bring it.

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