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What's Your Fashion Wish?
July 1, 2012

Week 4: Jot down your Fashion Wish, and We’ll Share Tips on How to Make it Come True!


For example:

My Fashion Wish:

iTwixieAdmin: I’m looking for a flared, khacki skirt

You: Give her ideas for how to get it and where to find it!

Have fun, girls!


Last Week: Here are your outfit ideas from last week for 1) going to the movie with your peeps, 2) going to a picnic and 3) going to an amusement park. Way to go! :)

1. Movies with friends, loose blue jeans, a graphic tee,favorite pair of earrings or jewlery, hair in a ny style that you like, flip flops or sandals
2. Pic nic with famiy: denim shorts, a tank top with some kind of designs or writing, hair in wavy pigtails ,stud earrings or something that stays in your ear s, sandals for shoes
3. Amusement Park: my favorite areopostle tank top, with my fave pair of shorts,f lip flops, hair in a high pony tail, earrings that will stay in your ears

1. Go to the movies with your peeps
Bottoms – A pair of dark-wash skinny jeans, with or without tears (but not too many)
Top – A grey tank top
Jacket – Black leather jacket that makes you look good
Shoes – Cute black and/or grey an kle boots
Bag – You can really use any bag with t his outfit: leopard print, solid pink, blue ruffle d, anything
Jewelry – 2 cute bangle bracelets on one arm

2. Go to a picnic with your family
Dress – A cute dress with modern floral print on top, a dark blue waist with dark blue skirt that goes 4 inches above your knees
Shoes – Any color gladiator sandles
Accessories – A cute silver necklace, with a cute bracelet
Bag – A small yellow over-the-shoulder bag

3. Go to the amusement park
Dark shorts, t-shirt (not white, just in case one of the rides has water), sneakers, ponytailed hair

1. picnic – if its in the summer a cute button down t-shirt and jean shorts with medium pony tail and flip flops

2. movie – cute aero shirt with ripped jeans and sandals (i got cute sandals at jcpenny for not a ton of money)with crimped hair

3. amusment park – lime green aero top with jean short shorts and c onverse with high pony tail

top: off-white blouse w/ green and white speckles(underneath a white cami)
bottoms: darker jean short-shorts(not the too-short kind)
acc essories: off-wh
ite(darker than shirt) belt
purse : dark-brown wristlet
jewelry: smallis
h hoop ear rings

top: not-too-tight turquoise tank
ms: lightish jean short-shorts
accessorie s: cut-off NYC tee
purse: black
sparkly initial j ustice bag
jewelry: smallish hoop earrings

3.(amusement park)
top: comfy deep blue tank
bottoms: darkish jean s hort shorts
: none, really
purse: cro ss-body pink rose purse
jewelry: silver butterf
ly studs

1. light denim short-s horts with a cute graphic tee and a short-sleeved ruffled colorful cardigan and bright high tops tha t go up to just under the knee.
2. denim capris w ith cute, bright flip flops, and no-spaghetti-stra p tank top wit
h a bright, wide preppy belt. Wear h air in two pigtails.
3. light-colored flare jeans with a flowing short-sleeved top. Add cute bead b racelets and wear a high ponytail.

1. Dark skinny jeans, cream-colored Ugg boots, and a sheepskin outside-fur covered inside fur coat. Wear hair in a messy bun and add a few peacock feat hers to the bun for a cute touch.
2. Light color skinny jeans with mocassin boots, and a classic tr ench coat and a half-up, half-down
3. Use a black leather jacket (haha 50′s style!!!) with some cute dark skinny jeans and netting no-finger gloves in …

1. Movies:capri swets and a soft white tshirt and tennis shoes.
2. Picnic:jean shorts and my blue aeropos tale tshirt and flip flops.
3. Amusement parkilk s horts and a tank top+tennis shoes

1. mini skirt high waisted over a simple tshirt wi th a belt, tights, and ankle boots, curly hair (i kjnow that might sound like a bit much but i love to dress up)
2.my turquoise short shorts, with a orange and white hollister shirt and a white cami underneath, and my white wedges. i would probably do a messy bun to the side.
3. denim short shor ts, black tanktop, black flats, silvery jewelry, a nd hair in a high pony tail.

1. Capri sweats with a Aeropostale shirt or something. Flipflops.
2. Shorts and a casual t- shirt. Flipflops or tennis shoes. (TOMS or Sperrys would be cute too.)
3. Shorts or a fun skirt w ith leggings with a graphic t-shirt. Converse shoe s. (Sneakers.)

All of these outfits are for sum mer.

P.S. I don’t think you should wear tank to ps by themselves. Or camis.

1. I would kind of wear whatever. White (jean) shorts and a grey graphic tee shirt would be good!
2. Anything! (As long as it’s appropriate!)
3. Unfortunately, I’ve never been to one.

1. Movies
Top: Simple Aeropostale tank with anoth er colorful cami underneath
Bottoms: Bright deni m shorts
Shoes: Casual strappy sandals
Hair: S traight
side ponytail
2. Picnic
Top: A plain yellow sundress with chunky statement
Shoe s: Colorfun wedges
Hair: Down in loose beachy waves
3. Amusement park
Top:A tank top layered wi th lots of colorful camis
Bottom: Dark wash deni m shorts
Shoes: Nike high tops
Hair: Up on a h igh bun

Oh yes, I forgot shoes and hair!

1. Movie With Friends: Loose bun or down,flip flops!
2. Amusement Park: High ponytail or down, Coverse!
3. Picnic: P igtail Braids or down, flip flops or Converse!

1. Movie With Friends: Comfy, Right? I’d wear Victoria’s Secret yoga pants and an easy fit Hollister shirt!
2. Amusement Park: Hollister skinny jeans, rolled
up, and a mid-length tee shirt!
3. Picnic: Hollister denim shorts, and a plaid
button down sh irt! They are called Madras shirts I believe.

1. picnic with family: i wld wear some shorts or a comfy skirt. i wld also wear a striped tanktop with some flip flops or tennis shoes.
2. movie with frie nd: i wld wear some long shorts and a simple t-shi rt. 4 shoes i wld wear some flip flo
ps or crocs.
3. amusement park: i wld wear a comfortable t- shirt or tank top with sum shorts. 4 shoes i wld wear sn eakers that r in good shape so that i can walk aro und in them.

1. Movie with a friend: I’d wear something comfy, like maybe sweats and a comfy tank top or cami. Ma ybe a comfy hoodie if the weather permits.
2. Picnic with family: I’d wear something cute and bub bly, like maybe my hair in pigtails
or a side pony or braid with a short skirt/shorts and graphic te e.
3. Amusement park: I’d wear something sparkly! A graphic sparkle tee would be great with some stretch skinny jeans and ballet flats or converse sneaks.

+ That really made me think! This club is super fun! Is there any chance there will be any contests or quizzes to win things, like maybe a book of fashion tips or so


Way to go! GREAT IDEAS!

iTwixie girls are beYOUtiful!

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