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Final Step: Mother's Day Funky Pin Board by Elle & Anne
April 29, 2010


We’re finishing the Funky Pin Board today! If you need supplies, check the list here: Thanks for Voting for this Great Mother’s Day Project from Elle & Anne! If you need the First Step click here: First Step for making the Funky Pin Board.

  • Cover the cork with fabric–one side at a time–pull the fabric tight starting in the middle and working out. Save your corners for last. Use pins to hold it in place and then go back and hot glue (this would be a great time for your BFF to help!)
  • Cover your cardboard in the same way. Make two holes with scissors (be very careful not to cut yourself) at the top of your cardboard (on one side) and string ribbon through it–this wil be used to hang your board.
  • On your cork piece, run ribbon, rick-rack, lace or whatever you chose for your decoration, across, diagonal and criss-cross. There are no rules–just make it so that your mom can tuck photos, etc in the crosses of the ribbon. As you pull your ribbon across, glue the ends behind the corkboard–you can secure them with flat thumtacks and then glue over that.
  • Then, using a LOT of hot glue, secure the carboard to the corkboard. (One tip: if you can find sticky velcro, you can use that AND the glue.) After you secure the two, put something heavy on top and let it set up for at least an hour.
  • Last, glue your buttons, jewels and other finishing touches where each piece of ribbon crosses another.

That’s it—put a photo of yourself and a Happy Mother’s Day note on the board. She’ll love it!

All you need to do is wrap it up!
Thanks, Elle & Anne!

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