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Find the One That Does Not Belong!
May 24, 2012

There is even a group that picks out a top 10! We are putting the real top 10 below plus one that does not belong. See if you can find the one that does not belong (and check out the crazy names, all but one of which are for real!)


STEM Challenge: What do scientists mean by a new species?  The first girl to give a correct answer will win an iTwixie “green” tote bag! All winners will be listed in the Winners Circle this Saturday, May 26.

Check out the names below and remember, only one does not belong! Put a check in front of the one you think does not belong. The answer will be posted on Saturday, May 26, with the Winners Circle.

Source: Arizona State University. “New species top 10 list: Underworld worm, walking cactus creature, blue tarantula, sneezing monkey, and more.” ScienceDaily, 23 May 2012. Web. 24 May 2012

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