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July 27, 2012

Here are the cool hair styles you came up with last week:

1. Go to the movies with your peeps - straighten hair, keep down, half-up, braid with clips, hair with clips to pull to side, french braid

2. Go to a picnic with your family - french braid, mini-french braid on one side of head, loose, two braids in back held together with clip, scrunch it

3. Go to the amusement park - ponytail, down with headband, loose pigtails, french braid, braided bun

NOW, tell us how YOU accessorize… you know, what do you wear WITH this cool hair style? Tell us right here!

1. Go to the movies with your peeps

2. Go to a picnic with your family

3. Go to the amusement park

Do you wear earrings? A scarf? Necklaces? A watch? Tell us how YOU ACCESSORIZE when you go to these places… so fun!

Next week we’ll have a GO FOR THE GOLD fashion challenge ;) and all your cool ideas for how to ACCESSORIZE!

Cheap Viagra in Augusta Georgia, Buy Viagra sildenafil citrate online in Thornton Colorado

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