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Finished Story by iAwesomest for U to read!
June 19, 2010


Chapter 1

I walked with Alice into school and saw Brianna and Keeli. Brianna was more excited than ever.
“Why are you so jumpy?” Alice asked.
“I’m not single anymore!” Brianna replied.
“You have a new boyfriend? Who is it?” I asked trying to look excited. Brianna has a new boyfriend. Wow, what a shocker, she gets all the guys. Hopefully I won’t be single anymore by the end of the day. Yesterday, I finally realized I loved Brandon. Today, I was going to ask him out.
“Well he’s in our class!” Brianna hinted. “Don’t say anything Keeli!”
“Alex?” Alice guessed.
“Nope! Well, not again it’s finally over I moved on, and so has he,” Brianna answered a little disappointed. I know why, but I don’t get. She has most of the boys in our class are drooling over her and if one gets over it she freaks.
“Cole?” I asked. Wondering when I’ll ask Brandon. Social Studies. Perfect.
“No. Guys think about it”. Brianna replied too anxious to wait, but she held up. Alice guessed a few more times, but I wasn’t paying attention, I was day dreaming, what will happen if Brandon say yes and what will happen if he said no. Alice said the only name that could pull me back to earth.
“Yes, I am going out with Brandon”

Chapter 2

I can’t believe it. I just can’t. Impossible! Now way! How am I going to face him in social studies? How?
“Enough about that, I talk more about during lunch. Miss Mood-Swing what popped your bubble?” Brianna said looking at me. Should I? Should I tell Brianna, maybe she’ll understand, or she might not… No, I’ll tell some one when I’m ready.
“Nothing just got a sudden head ache.”
“Sorry to hear that Laura, hope you feel better soon” Brianna skipped away to go in side. Keeli followed.
What will I do? I felt like some one punch me in my gut. I felt nauseated.
“Are you okay?” Alice asked.
“Yeah, I just need to sit down for a minute”.

“Are you sure nothing’s bugging you?” Alice asked again.

“I just need to sit down, then I’ll be better”, I hoped.

“There’s no one around, are you sure?” Alice tripled checked.

“Alice you’re starting to on my nerves. I told you I just need to sit down”.

“Fine” Alice said; giving up on whatever she was trying to do. I feel coming back up.

Chapter 3

Oh no here it comes…
“I can’t believe it! Why him? Why Brandon? Why not Cole or Jake or Someone else? Why my Brandon?” Not the throw up I thought it was, but just like if it was, I couldn’t stop. “I don’t get it. Brianna has so many-wanna-be with-hers! Why is she dating my Brandon?” Why did I keep saying my Brandon? It sounded so, so, natural, like it was meant for me to say, me and ONLY me. “She took him that was my chance. Alice, what does Brianna have that I don’t?” Alice sat there and listened to my every word, such a good friend, and thought about it. The only few difference between me and Brianna were
“well, she’s a little meaner than you. Brianna’s shorter than you, but by like 3 inches. She has straighter hair, Ummmm… her skins tanner than yours. Well and the girl has curves.” Alice said. Alice, I can always trust her, she tells me the true no matter how bad. “But you’re prettier than her”. I guess it’s true. To most people I look like a mini 13 year old Hayden Panettiere. But I’m a stick. Brianna has curves, and I’m a stick. Most people also say I’m pretty. Brianna is hot.

“Thanks Alice, I’m feeling better, I think we should go inside”

Chapter 4

“All right, fine! I give up! Brandon and I started dating last night” Brianna said, as Gabby, Elle, and Tami nagged to get the full story.
“Did you ask him or did he ask you?” Gabby asked.
“Well… He asked me. We were chatting on My-space, we started play 21 questions” Brianna began. 21 questions is a game we all made up were usually 2 people ask each other questions, we sometimes do it at lunch, but with more than two people you have to swear nothing leaves the table. “Like 3 minutes later he asked me a question, asking a scale 1-10 what would you rate me? I was like Brandon? Really? Are you serious? And he was like just answer the question. I was like fine personality or hotness? He was like hotness the personality. I was like 8 for hotness ummm… a 6 for personality”. A 6, for his personality, she rates him a 6?!?! He’s nice, kind, funny, and charming. Everything a girl could ask for. And she gives my Brandon a 6?!?! “Yea and he was like a 6? Why? I was all like, ‘cause that’s the way you are. OMG! Then he said I’d give you an 11 and 10. Then he asked me if I’d like to go out with him. I was all like ummm… sure why not.” Brianna told us. He asked her out. My Brandon asked Brianna out. My heart shot down. I started feeling queasy again.
“Omigosh! Laura, are you ok?” Tami asked.
“I’m just feeling a little light-headed. I think I’ll be ok, just let me stand up.” I replied. So I stood up. “See I am f-” Everything went black; I couldn’t move the last thing I heard was Tami saying,
“Keeli go get Ms. Lovely”.

Chapter 5

I fainted. I cannot believe I just fainted. I’ve been out cold for like 2 periods! When I woke up I heard 7 sighs of relief. The people who were waiting for me to wake up were Alice, Elle, Tami, Gabby, Keeli, Brianna, and my Brandon.
“Hey guys, what are you doing here? What happened?” I asked playing dumb. I knew exactly what happen. My heart felt like it was ripped in a thousand pieces and scattered all over the earth and then I fainted.
“Well, you said you were feeling light-head, stood up then fainted. Well at least that’s what I heard.” His voice pulled my heart pieces closer to each other. My Brandon, his voice, now to me sounded like I died and was in heaven. Dang! Why did I fall in love with him yesterday? Why not when I first meet him? Love at first sight. Why did he have to ask Brianna out? But why was he still here? Probably cause Brianna was here. Why him? He was one of my best friends, and now I’m in love with him? “Are you ok?”He asked. I still couldn’t see right but he looked like an angel. Maybe I was died. Maybe no one could catch me in time and I fell and cracked my head open.
“Am I dead?” I couldn’t help but to ask; just to make sure.
“No, you’re not dead” Keeli answered. Finally I got my vision back.
“You guys didn’t have to wait for me to wake up”
“Hey! That’s what friends are for!” Brianna said cozening up to my Brandon’s chest. She giggled.
Brandon kind of pushed her away and whispered into her ear. She backed off; Brianna put his arm around her back down to her waist, and nodded. I wonder what he said.
“I think I’m ready to go.” I told my friends, noticing Brandon removed his arm from the position Brianna put it in and had it just around her shoulders.

Chapter 6

“Are you feeling any better, Laura?” My Social Studies teacher, Ms. Lovely asked.

“Much better, thank you for asking” I responded. Ms. Lovely nodded. I looked at my table. It was Cole, Brandon, Me, and Gabby.

While Ms. Lovely was teaching a lesson on the Civil War, I noticed Brandon was doing his famous daydreaming act. I wonder what he was daydreaming about. Probably Brianna; ugh! So, I started drifting away myself. Then I notice a white folded up piece of paper. I unfolded it then read it. It was written in Brandon’s handwriting.

‘Hey, Laura, you okay? Really?’

I wrote the exact truth, ‘I am on the outside’ and passed it to him. ‘What about in the inside?’ He wrote.

I didn’t lie, or tell the truth. ‘I’m just sorting things out’.

He replied with, ‘really? What do you have to sort out?’

I really couldn’t lie to him, but the truth would be worse,

‘girl stuff’.

I knew Brandon wouldn’t ask about that.


I wanted to know if it was true; if he and Brianna were really going out.

‘Hey are you still single? Don’t freak out just answer the question’. I passed it to him. I glanced at him when he read the first part his eye bulged out of his head, and then he calmed down.

‘No. Brianna and I are going out… I know it seem weird but…you know…do you?’

Dang! I did know but not really so I wrote

‘Nope, I don’t know, still single over here! I’m glad for you!’

He wrote ‘thanks, it’s good to have someone on your side.’ Huh? ‘What do you mean on your side? Why did you wait for me to wake-up?’

‘By on my side, I mean I need someone defending me, you’re my best friend… on the anyway, so why wouldn’t I stay?’ Ugh!

‘Why did you wait for me to wake-up? Why not just check if I wasn’t dead?’

‘Because I do it only because I love you.’ That’s what the note said something was scratched out. I sat there and thought about it. Then the bell rang. It was time to leave. I stormed out the door ignoring Brandon calling my name.

Chapter 7

“I just need to get my mind off things.” I told Elle on the bus home.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Elle repeated.

“Yeah, I’m sure.”

“Ok then… Wanna play 21 questions?”

“Sure why not.”

“Ok I’ll go first.”

“Ok go ahead.”

“Umm… Would you go out with Jordon if he asked you?”

“And loses my friendship with Kasey? No thanks.” I said sighing while quickly glancing out the foggy window.

“Ok then… your turn.”

“Oh… What would you do if you were asked out by a guy just to use you to get close to your best friend and you knew it?”

“Deny, I wouldn’t go out with him.”

“It’s your turn.”

“Ok… I got a good one! Who do you like?”

Oh no! Was I ready to tell someone? I don’t know… She one of my best friends of course I should tell her! I decided.

“Brandon, I like Brandon.” I told Elle. Elle seemed to be missing something.

“Since when?!?!” Elle exclaimed. Yep, Elle was as surprised I was when I noticed I did like him myself.

“Shhh… Elle quiet! Since yesterday I realized that I do.”

“Oh… sorry for being loud; I’m just surprised.”

I glared out the window my stop was coming out soon.

“Don’t tell anyone, Elle, please”, I begged her.

“Don’t worry I won’t. Does anyone else know?”

“I may have given it away to Alice… maybe not.”

The bus stopped, I waved bye to Elle and rushed out.

Chapter 8

The next day Brianna was absent. The day seemed to move fast, until lunch. I sat in my usual seat between Alice and Tami.

“So what should we do today? Spill the pencil, or 21 questions,” Tami asked everyone at the table. For me both were terrible.

“I vote for 21 questions!” Alice shouted but only loud even for our table to hear.

“21 questions” Keeli agreed.

“Spin the pencil.” Tami countered.

“S.T.P” Elle said.

“Spin the pencil,” Gabby agreed.

That left me to vote. Like I said before both were terrible for me in this situation; I really didn’t care anymore.

“Spin the Pencil”, I said. Alice and Keeli sighed, but shrugged. Tami put a pencil on the middle of the table and gave it a spin. Whoever that pencil pointed to would have tell who they liked or if they had a boyfriend would have tell their deepest darkest secret. It stopped and pointed at Gabby. She blushed then said, “I like Alex.” There were a few awwwwws, and then Gabby span the pencil. This time the pencil pointed to Alice. Since Alice and Jordon were going out she’d have to spill her deepest darkest secret.

“I sometimes think you can fall off the world by walking too far.” She admitted. Half the table giggled. Alice span the pencil and it started to slow down when it got to me. Luckily at pointed at Keeli, she and J.T. were going out-again. She sighed and then, said, “I don’t know if J.T. and I will last… we really didn’t kiss, yet.”

She reached to spin the pencil and right before she could spin it, Ms. Lovely blow the whistle and told us to line up to get ready to go to recess.

Chapter 9

As we walked down the hall to the gym and he was there; I waved

as normally as I could. Of course he waved back, his my best guy

friend, and smiled. Recess was the best place to take my mind off

things. Turns out it was okay. Until Mrs. Black blow the

whistle. Everyone started to leave. Mrs. Black picked, Alice,

Elle, and I to clean up to the gym. That was fine with me

because I wouldn’t mind missing half of French.

“So, Elle, who do you like-like?” I asked kind-of robotically.

Elle looked up and dropped the volleyball she was holding.

“I know who she likes!” Alice piped in. “She likes-”

“I like Alex” Elle cut in.

“Laura, who do YOU like?” Alice asked. So she didn’t get it.

“I know who!” Elle said.

“So who do you like?” Alice repeated.

“I like Brandon” I said, giving in.

“Ohhhh! That’s why you kept calling him ‘my Brandon’” Alice


“What did you think she meant?” Elle asked.

“You know they are best friends, and I thought you just felt a

little awkward about that.” Alice answered.

“Why would you think that?” Elle asked. “Clearly that’s some

kind of hint or if anything a totally giveaway…”

“Ok I get it I’m predictable!” I screeched to get them to stop.

“Ok then… umm… it looks like we’re done!” Alice said putting the jump rope on the shelf.

I tossed the basket ball I was holding toward the ball can. Swoosh! It went in; Alice and Elle applauded.

“Thank you, thank you! I’ll be here the rest of the week!” I shouted and then giggled. All three of us dashed to French.

Chapter 10

“Pourquoi êtes-vous trois en retard?”

Was the first thing we heard we entered the room. I really don’t mind French; I took a workshop last 2 summers. That’s the problem, I already know all this!

I thought about what Mademoiselle Sky asked. Why are you three late?

“Mademoiselle Black nous a demandé de rester et aider à nettoyer.” I answered her; ‘Ms. Black asked us to and help clean up’. “Did I say that right?”

Someone whispered a little too loud, “Show off”

“Yes, you did” Mademoiselle Sky said, impressed.

Mademoiselle Sky was writing the days of the week. I noticed Brandon looking at the board, wait, no at me. I waved he just kept staring. I waved some more, he finally snapped out of it and waved back. I glanced at the board,


“Write this down, class.” Mademoiselle Sky instructed us.

Right before she could say anything else, that annoying sound I thought I’d never thank, rang thought the halls. Every one dashed out to their next class- everyone, but me, and my Brandon.

“What was up with the day dream?” I asked hoping I wouldn’t blush.

“What? Oh that, you know guy stuff…” He said, hoping I wouldn’t ask anything else. And I didn’t, the girl/guy stuff worked 2 ways, he could use it against me and I could use it against him, both ways to stop the topic. I walked away.

Chapter 11

Nothing happened until the next day. And what happened next was the biggest thing ever.

Alice and I walked in to see Brianna was grinning like an idiot.

“I have HUGE news! I’ll spill at lunch.”

I wondered what that could be, and came up with one thing,

that scared me, they kissed.

On-the-lips-for-more-than-30-seconds, type kiss. No, it was

worse when I found out.

At lunch we were debating who could drink the water the

fastest, and were about to test the theory, when Brianna sat


“Ok, Brandon and I are so in love we almost did the big one last night” She bragged.

“You mean almost kissed right?” Tami asked. “Let get this thing

over with, 1, 2, 3!” Everyone, but Brianna, chugged.

“No I mean almost the BIG one” she said. There had to be at

least 1 rainbow among all the water out of everyone’s mouth.

“You’re joking, right?” I asked still choking on water.

“Nope!” Brianna bragged.

“Are you serious?” Elle choked out.

“Yeah!” She did it again.

No she was lying, she had to be. Brandon wouldn’t, would he?

Chapter 12

‘Hey’ Brandon wrote. I ignored him.

‘Hello?’ He wrote 5 minutes later. I still ignored him.

‘Are you still alive?’ 10 minutes later.



‘hi’ I wrote back.

‘After all that and you write ‘hi’?’

‘yea I did’



‘so… what’s bugging you?’

‘on a scale 1-10, how far would you say you and Brianna are in your relationship?’


‘A 1?!?!?! You call major making out a 1?!?!’

‘wait, we haven’t even held hands yet. You and I’ve gotten further ’

‘so… she’s been lying?’

‘I guess so’

‘on a scale 1-10, how much do you like her?’

There was a long pause.

‘1/2, don’t get me wrong she pretty but I like someone else, that’s probably why she’s been lying, she knows it’s some else in our class, I’m probably going to end it, soon.’ Brandon explained.

‘Wait, why’d you ask her out?’

‘She asked me’


‘She wants to hurry the relationship so she doesn’t have to lie and so she has proof’.

‘Wait, you like someone else? Tell me!’

‘No, I’ll give you a hint, She’s the most beautiful person I ever saw, and guy talk about how hot she is, she’s had a few boyfriends, but not a lot this year because she way out of all the guys’ league including my own. That’s why I haven’t said anything to her yet, I’m afraid she’d turn me down…’

‘Huge hint, thanks.’ That crosses me off the list.

‘No prob.’

‘How I am I suppose to believe that she asked you?’

‘I’ll show you, come to the computer lab for free period.’

‘Ok I’ll be there’

I’ll be waiting, I can’t wait! Cool.’ He wrote, again with the scratching out.

I felt important, but yet not worthy, I felt like I need to impress him.

Chapter 13

“Ok I’m here” Brianna said entering the computer lab. I looked at Brandon with a ‘why-is-she-here?’ look.

“Brianna I don’t think this is going to work.” He said, giving me a quick ‘wait-a-second’ glance.

“I know, La, we both think you should leave.” She said.

“No, Laura is going to stay, I asked her to come”, Brandon defended me. “I meant us. Brianna, I’m breaking up with you”.

She laughed, “Nice one! Now really, no one breaks up with me”

“Well I just did”

“Why? Laura, what did you say? Brandon whatever she told you is a lie!”

“She said nothing to change my mind. It’s my own decision. Besides, you’ve lied, tried to rush things, and just in general been obnoxious.”

“Why did you ask me out then?” She lied.

“I didn’t and I’m going to prove it.” He opened up an already minimized window- his MySpace profile.

“I have all our chat history right here,” He click on ‘Chat History with Brianna’. “Look”


On a scale 1-10 what would you rate me?


Are you serious?


Just answer the question.


For personality or hotness?




Like a 6 for hotness ummm… a 6 for personality


A 6? Why?


Because that’s the way you are.


I’d give you an 11 and 10.

Wanna go out?


Ummm… sure?

“See” Brandon said closing out.

“I see. Why did you lie?” I asked

“Because, I mean look at him,” Brianna said. “So… since you like someone else and are single are you going to ask her? I mean, I need to know since it’s not me”

“I guess,” Brandon said. “It will be the perfect time; I just hope she doesn’t turn me down.”

I thought I might go into a huge panic. I was dying to know the girl that I will be intensely jealous of.

Brandon turned to me. “Laura, I know this may sound a little weird, but I’m hopelessly in love with you. Ever since I first saw you, I’ve been head over heels in love with you. I need you in my life, so I became your friend, each year my love getting stronger and stronger. I completely understand if you would like to run away in terror, and never talk to me again, because you’re best friend loves you. Laura will you like to go out with me?”

Chapter 14

Years Later

Laura was unpacking her newlywed husband’s, Brandon’s, things from Middle School. She came across a note pad, and laughed. She flipped though the pad and came across an old note.

‘What do you mean on your side? Why did you wait for me to wake-up?’

‘By on my side I mean I need someone defending me, you’re my best friend… on the anyway, so why wouldn’t I stay?’ Ugh!

‘Why did you wait for me to wake-up? Why not just check if I wasn’t dead?’

‘Because I do it only because I love you.’

Laura became frustrated, she remembered that note, she hated when Brandon scratched thing out, and she turn the page. It was the imprint of his last comment. She dug though the book and found a pencil. Laura shaded it in, so she could read it.

The front door opened. Brandon walked in and shouted, “Laura? Honey, are you here?”

Laura dropped the paper before she could read it, The past is the past, that note isn’t important, the only important is the love of my life. She thought.

“Coming, Brandon”. She shouted back and ran to him

The paper floated to the floor.

‘Because, I do it only because I love you.’



So – did you like reading an entire story right here on iTwixie? Do U have a complete story you would like to have posted this way?  Just send it in to  judy@itwixie.com and we will post it just like this.



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