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Finished Story by Marlana for U to read!
July 4, 2010

“Oh!” exclaimed Olivia.
“What” responded her friend Angel.
“There’s a bomb under this old shed!!” Olivia said back. “RUN!!!!!!!” she screamed. They got just far enough away from it just in time. Then, all of a sudden, something landed on them about the size of Angel’s trailer! They were so irrational to explain, alive. God had something to do with them still being alive. When they woke up, they had the powers they had always dreamed of having. But…They where separated by dimensions! Angel remained in this dimension, but, Olivia went to the MARVEL dimension…

When Olivia woke up, she was in a shed. This gave her the chance to test her powers, until she fell to the ground panting. Then an old man walked in and said that she ran a crossed their (his and his wife’s) driveway and ran into their shed. Of course, this didn’t happen, but, she when along with it.
“Rough night, huh?” he asked.
“You could say that.” Olivia responded. 
“I’ve got some clothes that’ll probably fit ya. I’ll go in and get ‘em for ya.” the old man said to her.
“Thanks.” she responded. 
[i]What’s going on at home?[/i] she wondered in her head. What she didn’t know is that her best friend, Angel, had automatically lost control of her powers and ended up killing everybody within an hour away from her home by making them laugh to death. That’s not the way ya want to die…

The clothes he gave her were just a white t-shirt and overalls. But, they also fit perfectly! 
“I’m sorry ma’am, but, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Kris.” he said to her.
“And I’m Olivia.” she responded.
“It’s getin’ late. How ’bout ya stay here in the shed for the night?” Kris said.
“Fine with me.” she blandly answered.
When he left, she tested her powers. 
“Sweet!” she exclaimed after she was finished.
Then, so much overwhelmed her mind, that, she passed out again.
At home, Angel just sat on the ground crying.
“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” Angel screamed though her tears. She was so devastated about accidentally killing everyone, that, she died…

When Olivia woke up, it was still dark. Kris stuck a clock in the shed for her. It was 5:00 am. She decided to sneak inside his house and use the bathroom. When she went back out into the shed she herd a noise she’d never herd before, so, she decided to see what is was. When she looked outside, she was shocked. It was the MRDs! “What the…” she whispered.
[i]Am I in the MARVEL dimension?[/i] she wondered. The MRDs are people that hunt down and capture meta humans. Then at 7:00 am she herd Kris and his wife wake up, so, she knew it was ok to go in. Then she herd them collapse! After she went into the kitchen, she checked there heart beat. Nothing. She saw something the regular human eye couldn’t: a needle in both of there necks. They were probably poisoned. The T.V. was on. It was the news. 
“Wolverine and the X-men attack ‘Master Mold’ again in an attempt to shut ‘em down.” the lady on the news said.
“I am it the Marvel dimension!” Olivia said. Just then, an anonymous call was made to the X Mansion.
“There will be a young 12 year old girl there to be an X-man. She doesn’t like high heels. I don’t need to tell ya the clothing size because there’s already clothes in the correct size in the room that you’re keeping her in. She’ll want capris pants, a short sleeved shirt, and sneakers for her fighting clothes. You’ll find out her powers when she gets there.” Then she hung up. 
“I guess I’d better start using my new skills to get to the X Mansion.” Olivia said.
Then she used her skills to make a fake ID, License, and then rode Kris’s motorcycle, looking for the X Mansion. After all, she is in the very city where it is.

Finally, at 5:00 pm she was at the X Mansion. She knew that she was expected by the look on the face of Logan when she saw him in the window. But, he also looked surprised. When she went to the door, she didn’t even have to knock. As soon as the door opened, Logan said: “I thought you’re supposed to be 12.”
“Oh, don’t worry Wolverine. I am.” she responded.
His expression got even more surprised. But when he was most surprised is when he saw her 4 adamantiem claws come out of her hand to show him one of her powers. Anybody could tell just by looking at her that she had super strength.
Just then, there was a call.
“Hello.” the called said. “My name is Antonio. May I speak with the newest member of the team?”
“Speaking.” Olivia said “My name is Olivia.”
“Meet me at 10:00 am tomorrow. At Times Square.” Then he hung up. Later she was introduced to the team. Ororo/Storm, Scott/Cyclops, Bobby/Iceman, Hank/Beast, Kitty/Shadowcat, Rogue, Emma Frost, Kurt/Night Crawler, Forge, Logan/Wolverine, Warren/Angel, and Peter/Colossus. The next day, she did just as Antonio said. Then they went to his mansion. 
“Well, what an exquisite place you have here.” Olivia said. He poured them drinks. Olivia sniffed hers to make sure he didn’t poison it. Nothing. So, she took a sip. Then, she suddenly got to weak to even breath right. She flopped on the chair as she shook. Not in fear, though. Even her breathing was really shaky. Antonio next to her and stuck her head on his shoulder. 
“I knew you’d be the one to come. So, I made an ‘antidote’ that not even your sharp nose can smell. But, I love you. I really do. Run away with me and be my future wife.” When she was finally unconscious, he let go and let her lay on his fancy couch.
The X-men had to track her down. Finally, they found her and took her back to the X Mansion. When she woke up, it was in the middle of the night, but, the light was on, and the X-men were all in the room. Since Olivia hates being fussed over, she didn’t like this at all…

# 6
“You don’t have to explain what happened, because we saw the whole thing.” Hank said. Olivia got up. When she walked out of the room, she herd a knock on the door. It was Antonio. She let him in and then knocked him out. Then she saw the MRDs.
“Not now.” she said. “The MDRs are here.” Then they knocked down the door. 
“Time to have some fun!” Olivia said.
The MRDs started shooting automatically. Shooting to kill. Good thing only Logan and Olivia were hit before they destroyed ‘em. Once the fighting was over, Logan and Olivia pulled the dart-like bullets off their necks. There were 4 bullets on both of their necks each. When Olivia pulled hers off, she crushed them into metal dust.
“Emma, mind wipe the MRDs.” Logan ordered. “Olivia come with me. There’s someone you need to meet.” So, they went downstairs…

It was Charles Xavier. But, just like in the T.V. show Wolverine and the X-men, he was in a coma. 
“Aaah, the famous Charles Xavier.” Olivia said in a sugary/sly voice. Then, all of a sudden, the room went white. Olivia extracted her claws. She should of expected for him to talk to them with Cereabro from twenty years in the future. (That’s how long he’ll be in a coma.)
“It’s alright Olivia. I’m just in your mind. There’s nothing to fear.” Xavier said. “You can leave now Logan.”
Logan left the room. Olivia retracted her claws. Then, Xavier continued.
“Now, let me see how you got here…” Then, he read her mind. Seeing what happened. How she got there. Then, he spoke again.
“I see why you haven’t told anyone on the team about what happened. Eventually, Emma will find this out as well.”
“I know.” Olivia said.

“I should of known you’d be out here listening. How much ya get?” Olivia asked.
“All of it.” responded Emma. She’s been ease dropping with her mind to hear her talk to Xavier. She saw how Olivia got her powers and how she got to the X Mansion.
“At least I didn’t have to go through what Logan did to get the adamantiem covered bones and claws.” Olivia said.
“True.” Emma agreed. “I see why you didn’t tell anyone about it.”
“Good thing Logan isn’t a telepath.” Olivia said, chuckling slightly. Before the conversation could continue, they had to leave. A bunch of mutant children were taken by the people of the Weapon X program to be “enhanced”. Most of them once went as students of Xavier before the X Mention exploded in 2008. When they got there, even Logan was surprised at what he saw. Even though nothing had changed construction wise, they were hurting the kids. Some older than Olivia.
Olivia stopped herself before she said the word. Why? She could smell that there was a little kid near ‘em that could probably hear ‘em.

[i]I know they didn’t beat him like to get him to be “enhanced”. He just volunteered for it.[/i] Olivia/Olivian thought.
Yeah, that’s right! Her mutant name is Olivian now. Anyways, they were split up to got after different parts of the facility. Olivian went with Wolverine. Olivia was walking slightly behind Logan. Then, something hit Olivia. A dart with a serum to render her unconscious. He too, was hit with one. When Logan woke up, he was in the same area were he passed out. So, he kept going, even though Olivia wasn’t with him. He went looking for her with his nose. Where the sent was leading to, happened to be where he was sending Olivia to shut the place down. All of a sudden, Olivia jumped up in front of him and was attacking him. They had used a liquid to make her go by there command. To attack Logan was her order. He knew that’s exactly what it was. There was something that Olivia had told him on the jet that he was going to use. She has a weakness that know other mutant or human has. One of the only ways you can knock her out without using a serum is if you hit her right in the middle of her chest hard enough. It’s the hardest place on her body to hit because she protects it the best wile fighting. But if you’re the enemy and you some how manage to hit her there, you’ll be rewarded for the extra hard work. After ten min. of fighting, the serum wearied off. But not quick enough.
“Wai-”. Logan had hit Olivia in that spot before she could even finish saying the word “wait”.

When she woke up, Logan was carrying her to the main computer.
“How long.” Olivia asked Logan.
“Only 5 minutes.” he responded.
“I snapped out of it just as you hit me there. OK. You can put me down now.”
After he put her down, they went to the main computer. Olivia managed to shut the entire operation so they could get the kids.
“Who’s controlling this operation.” Logan asked. 
“Antonio.” Olivia responded.
“When I asked, he put a serum on the back of my neck so he could control me. That’s why I attacked you. I could see you and wanted to stop myself but I couldn’t.” 
When they got to the jet, Antonio was there.
“I thought I told you to run away with me.” Antonio said to Olivia.
“This is what you do for me not running with you?” she asked. “Take innocent mutant kids and beat them ’till they let you ‘enhance’ them? What type of demon man are you?”
“One that knows how to get what I want.”
“With what you’re doing, your time on this Earth is almost up. You will die for what you’re doing!!”
“Who’s got the answers? Them? That creature in your arms? Not me. But I’ll make sure you get them only if you join me.”
Then she got onto the jet with the rest of the team.

When they got to the Mansion, there was a knock on the door. When Olivia opened it, again, it was Antonio.
“What are you doing here?” Olivia asked.
“Here to speak with you.” he answered.
“I thought-”
“Fine. We’ll talk in a different room. Where the kids can’t hear.”
The went into Xavier’s room. Then, the room went whit again.
“Xavier, I’d like you to talk to Antonio for me.” Olivia told him.
“Antonio, why are you doing this?” the professor asked.
“I’m just continuing my uncle’s dream.” Antonio said back.
“You know this isn’t right.”
“YES IT IS!!!”
“Taking mutants and turning them into weapons is not what’s right!”
“How would you know? My life depends on this work!”
“Because, if I don’t do it then I’ll be killed.”
“For what and by whom?” 
“For failing my family omen. I don’t know who it is though.”
“Beating them is your own idea, though.”
“Don’t lie to me! Leave.” 
Antonio left the room.
“Why, Antonio? Why do you beat them?” Olivia asked.
“I don’t know.” Antonio responded.
“Don’t lie!!!”
“I’m not.”
“Emma? Is he telling the truth?”
“No.” Emma responded.
“You best be counting down the days ’till you die. For I may change my mind and let you live if you stop this operation cold turkey. And You’ll also have to tell me the truth ’bout this entire thing or else…” Olivia told Antonio.
They walked to Olivia’s room. She hung by her tail on a bar on her door. 
“Why’d you follow me here?” she asked.
Just then, he pressed a button on his “wrist watches” that sprayed a knock-out gas. He directed the gas at her face.
“Oh, man.” she said before she passed out and dropped onto the floor…

When she woke up, she was bound to a metal table in a vertical position.
“What do you want now?!” Olivia asked Antonio.
“The same thing I’ve always wanted.” he responded.
“I don’t hurt innocent little kids just to get them to do what I want them to!!”
“What about the answers you want?”
“I can live without.”
He knocked her out again. When she woke up this time, she was in her [b]real[/b] home. When she walked into her kitchen her mom was there.
“Where have you been?” her mom asked Olivia in a babyish tone.
“Stop it!” Olivia yelled. She knew that another mutant was projecting fake images into her head. The image ended. It was Jason from the movie X2
(X-men 2), only, this was very real.
When she tried to walk out of the room, another image was being seen by her eyes. She was at Angel’s house. Before anyone said anything, Olivia yelled:
“Jason, stop it!”.
She left the room in search for Antonio. Searching for him so she could kill him…

“Oh, no. Not you too!” Olivia said to Bobby. He was put under mind control like she was at one time. He froze her in blocks of ice multiple times. Finally, she knocked him unconscious. She found the room that Antonio was hiding in. 
“What have you done with Rogue?!” she asked him. All of the X-men were in the room unconscious. 
“She might as well be dead right now. She’s unconscious and bleeding internally. She’s hooked to the machine on the roof I call ‘Death’. It will shoot her power a crossed the entire USA and kill everyone. Including her if she doesn’t bleed to death first.” her responded.
“That’s it. Your time ends now!!”
She killed him just as planned. 
When she got onto the roof, she cut Rogue off of “Death” and destroyed it. Rogue’s power is to steel powers from another mutant when there skins touch. She kills humans when it happens. Olivia knew there was only one thing to do. She pulled Rogue’s glove off and stuck Rogue’s hand on her (Olivia’s) face. She stayed conscious until Rogue was conscious. Then, Olivia went unconscious and was bloody. Three days from now, she’ll be conscious again. This is the end of X-men Origins: Olivian, but, it’s not nearly close to the end of Olivia’s battle. For this is only the beginning, of the Olivian…




So – did you like reading an entire story right here on iTwixie? Do U have a complete story you would like to have posted this way?  Just send it in to judy@itwixie.com and we will post it just like this.




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