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January 27, 2010

Let’s get started, shall we?

SECRET KEEPER: When a friend tells you a secret, you should keep it. I know it can be difficult, especially when someone asks you to tell them, but you have to stay firm. Even if they say: “C’mon, I thought you were my friend!”. You should just say back, “Yes, I am your friend. But I am also ____’s friend and if she says I can’t tell, I can’t tell. If you want to find out, maybe she will tell you but I won’t.”. If she still is pushy, just say this: “Well, you wouldn’t want me to tell her one of your secrets, if you told me not to, right?”. Then, she’ll really regret she even asked you.

OPINIONS, YES. DISAGREEING,NO. Yes, it’s ok to have your own opinion, but disagreeing too much, can lead to fights or grudges. Let’s say your friend loves The Jonas Brothers, but you like Justin Bieber better and she invites you to their concert. If you don’t want to go, say: “Oh, no thanks. I have something else going on that day.” She’ll understand. Now, I’m not saying you have to lie to your friend. I’m just suggesting this because you don’t want to hurt your friend’s feelings. And if you do, want to go, which, I would personally do, because, you’d just have fun because your with your friend, then tell her,”Sure! That sounds like a blast.”. Remember, you can be friends even if you don’t agree. Just like my teacher says,”Accept the similarities, and celebrate the differences.”

BEHIND MY BACK When you’re friends with someone, you shouldn’t keep secrets from each other,or talk behind their back. This can be tricky when other friends or people are talking about her. The best thing to do, is say,” I’m sorry but ____ is my friend and I can’t betray her like this.” They’ll understand. Also, you could try to switch to another conversation. Say,” Oh, guys, did you hear the new Selina Gomez song? IT WAS SO AWESOME!” They’ll suddenly fall under your “Spell” and start talking about that. If none of this works, just walk away.

Well I hope you liked my tips! Come to Lemonhead’s blog 4 more! thanks girls! -The original Lemonhead

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