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Get Active by egbrown2000
May 30, 2011

Getting out and being active is the best thing you can do for your body. When you do anything active it takes a lot of your muscles and is sure to build muscle. Did you know that it takes 200 muscles in your foot for a single step? And when you smile you use 13 muscles!


You can get active by playing a sport or dancing.  There are many great sports such as basketball, volleyball, lacrosse and soccer. When you work your muscles, your body will feel great!

When you do get active make sure you don’t hurt yourself. If you hurt yourself, you can’t use your irritated muscles for a while. So be careful!

Also make sure you eat healthy foods. Even your favorite foods can be healthy. Proteins can rebuild and repair body damage – so eat LOTS of protein. Carbohydrates are your MAIN source of energy. Vitamins help your body improve and fight diseases. Minerals help other nutrients be effective. Fats are your energy reserve. They also store vitamins. Water is the main thing for your overall body health; it is in your blood and it helps your body process nutrition.

SO – get out and get active!


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