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Get in Shape for Fall Sports
August 17, 2010


These three leg-strengthening moves will help you have better coordination for all the Fall sports you play. Give them a try –

First, find a flat wall without pictures or anything hanging on it. Then stand straight up against it. Now, slide your body down the wall until you look like you’re sitting in a chair. Feel the challenge to your legs?! Now hold this pose for 15 seconds.

Next, stand up against the wall, like before, but this time bend one leg over the other knee and then slide back into the sitting position. Try to hold this pose for 15 seconds.

Third, give the other leg a try. It feels so challenging, doesn’t it?

This is a great way to strengthen your quads and ankles! These moves help to promote good posture, too.

Do these moves 3 times this week. Do you feel stronger after the third time? Tell us all about it in the comments below:

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