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Get Ready for Earth Day with tips from Eyeheartart12
April 19, 2010


Green tips and ideas

I know that like most of you girls, going green is probably the last thing on your list of stuff to do, considering school, sports, and other activities. But with a few of these tips going green will be a snap.

1.If you have to get the next new phone or computer, don’t just throw away your old one, recycle it, yep you can recycle old electronics and it doesn’t cost extra. 

2. Sharing is caring. If your friend has a book you just have to read, ask them if you can borrow it. It saves paper and ink.

3. Bring a reusable water bottle to sport practice or school. this saves plastic.

4. Ask your local government to build side walks and bike lanes, this ensures that you can walk/bike to school, which means you are being green! 

5. Instal CFL’s(compact fluorescent lights) in your bedroom.

Hope this helps, keep reading!


Way to Go Green, iTwixie girls!

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