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It's a Fourth Grader's Dream Come True!
April 10, 2012

Meet Chantelle and your iTwixie peeps at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in DC on April 28 & 29th! You can get to know Chantelle a little right here:




From Chantelle:

My name is Chantelle Rose and I am from St. Paris, Ohio. I am a Teachers in
Space Pathfinder Astronaut Trainee and science teacher at Graham High
School. I have three beautiful children; Skyler, Addison and Andrie and a
spoiled Yorkie named Laika (after the first dog in space!) I enjoy spending
time outside, learning new things and exploring everything!

In fourth grade, I knew I wanted to be an astronaut…

Aerospace education is my passion; I fly every opportunity I receive. One of
my life goals is to earn my pilot’s license…

I became a teacher to inspire students…

I love being able to teach aviation and aerospace to students. For many of
my students, my class is their first opportunity to build and fly their own
kites, hot air balloons, gliders, model planes and rockets…

What role do skills in math, science, engineering and technology play
in supporting your job?
Math, Science and Engineering are extremely
important in looking towards the future of the aerospace industry.
Returning to the moon, going to Mars, exploring deep space will all require
skill sets that have not yet been developed. Students must have flexibility,
be problem solvers and critical thinkers and have a passion for learning in
order to be successful!

What activities do you suggest for young children or young adults to
prepare them for a career like yours?
Learn everything you can, read,
educate yourself, play and learn to solve problems.

Additional comments: I purchased the Pilot book and had my first
introduction to Girls with Wings at the Fly-In at Grimes field in Urbana, Ohio.


Isn’t she kewl? Got any questions for her? Ask ‘em right here! We’ll try to get some answers for you.

iTwixie is the only media sponsor just for tween girls! Join us! It’s FREE! Come hang out with us at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in DC! on April 28 & 29! So much fun:)

What do you think? Will we see YOU there?


iTwixie girls are the smartest and savviest girls in the WORLD! SEE YOU at the USA Science & Engineering Festival!


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