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Win a Hoodie with iTwixie's Tween Girl Book Club
February 29, 2012


Send in your answers … every answer you give is a chance to win!

Wasn’t No Ordinary Day an amazing book? What did you think?

5 winners will be chosen by a random drawing. The more questions you answer, the more chances you’ll get to win! Winners will be announced on Sunday, March 4. Good luck!


A) Unscramble these words. Put your answers in the comments section below!

1) _ _ _ _ _   DIINA

2) _ _ _ _ _   ILVAL

3) _ _ _ _ _   RVAEB

4) _ _ _ _ _ _ MALFYI

5) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ YPOELSR


B) True or False?

1) Valli always lived on the street. T or F

2) India is does not have very many “street people.” T or F

3) Valli was proud of her magic feet. T or F

4) Valli was a happy person in spite of everything. T or F

5) Valli was brave. T or F


C) What do YOU think a girl needs to succeed?


Here’s to you, iTwixie girls, the coolest girls in the world! iTwixie’s Tween Girl Book Club ROCKS because of YOU!



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