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July 6 was the WALLS WITHIN WALLS All Day Book Club Party!
June 13, 2011




Get reading! We read, Walls Within Walls, by Maureen Sherry, right here on iTwixie! Then we had the biggest, coolest, funnest Book Club Par-tay evah on July 6. Be sure to check back every Wednesday for fun new chats, puzzles and hear how everyone’s loving this cool, new book. Now, start reading!



    HarperCollins and iTwixie challenge girls 13 and over to read a list of 16 books for the chance to win a prize. It’s called Savor Sixteen Summer Selections for a chance to win a mystery book package, with books that no one has even been able to buy yet! These books are recommended for girls 13 and over, but discuss them with your parents if you want to take this challenge on as well!)



      HarperCollins and iTwixie have come up with a fantastic club to inspire older and younger girls at the same time. It’s called “iTwixie Girls Read to Me” and showcases iTwixie’s amazing iTwixie Experts on video, reading a different picture book aloud each week on iTwixie.

      The first 25 girls to turn in a certificate with a parent’s signature saying that she’s heard all 13 books read aloud to her will get a prize!

      Do you have a book you’d like to read as part of this fabulous club? Terrific! Just send in your video right here! We’ll feature you, too!

        HarperCollins and iTwixie are excited for all the ways these clubs will keep girls around the world rocking their summer reading AND winning some really cool stuff! Here’s to iTwixie girls – reading can help the coolest girls in the world to be even cooler.

        How cool is this!?!

        Just click here for Official Rules & Regulations.

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