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Girls on the Run Teaches iTwixie How to Train for a Race!
March 23, 2010


Starting a race at a sprint, can quickly leave you feeling tired and sluggish, making it hard to finish strong. Here’s the big idea:  “pace” yourself! Pacing is a way of running that lets you save energy for when you want to use it. Pacing lets you run fast enough to get the time you want, but not too fast to wear you out! Cool, right?

Here’s how you can work on your pace for a race:

Plan to run 1/4 mi (400m) four times like this:

  • First lap, run 1/4 mi (400m) slowly
  • Second lap run 1/8 mi (200m) quickly, take 1/8 mi (200m) to recover with a walk
  • Third lap run 1/8 mi (200m) even quicker, take 1/8 mi (200m) to recover with a walk
  • Last lap run 1/8 mi (200m) the fastest, take 1/8 mi (200m to recover with a walk

Remember, start off slow and run a little further each time you go.  Pacing means you should be able to have a conversation with your running buddy or sing along w/ your MP3.

Try this “interval” workout once a week until your race day. You’ll be delighted with how great you feel! You go girl!

Plan to run the 2010 Pittsburgh Kids Marathon 1-Mile Fun Run with iTwixie girls, Girls on the Run, and many girls just like you! It’s just $15 if you register online before April 18. Only 1,000 kids can register, so grab your BFF and your parent and sign up to run!

Running rocks! After a good run you feel energized, uplifted, positive and ready to take on challenges! That’s why iTwixie’s sponsoring the 2010 Pittsburgh Kids Marathon One Mile Fun Run!



Girls on the Run is a running program where girls build up their running strength and endurance, while participating in fun games and activities. “Girls on the Run” uses running to be active, and to set and accomplish goals in girls’ lives.

Find a Girls on the Run event near you!

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