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Girls Rock Soccer Tips
September 26, 2011


This drill is a blast by yourself or super fun with your BFFs. It will help improve your control of the ball, quick reflexes, and coordination.

What you’ll need:

  • About 8-10 cones, or another type of marker – shoes, duffle bags or even water bottles work!
  • A soccer ball

What to do:

  • Set up the markers about 1 or 2 feet apart from each other in a zig-zag pattern.
  • Try dribbling the soccer ball between and around each marker, without touching each of the markers.
  • Grab a stopwatch or timer and see how long it takes to go through one way and then back to your starting point.
  • Now, try and go through again in 3 less seconds. Keep taking off a second until you record your fastest time and tell us what it is right here!
  • Grab a BFF and race through the course. You’ll be the stars of your soccer team in no time!

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