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Try this Fun, Friendly City STEM Challenge
June 28, 2012


The Friendly City Experiment: Hypothesis
Here’s how it works: Every good experiment needs a hypothesis. A hypothesis is a prediction of what you think will happen, that you want to test to see if it is correct.

Here’s our hypothesis: some places are more friendly than others.

Do you live in a friendly place? Try this experiment and see! By comparing our results, we can see if some places are more friendly than others.

The Friendly City Experiment: Study Plan
Just follow these steps and send us your results. We’ll post all results next week:)

It’s so easy! Just follow these 5 easy steps… they are your “study plan:”

1) Choose a way to greet strangers you see during the day:

  • smile
  • smile and wave
  • smile and say “Hi”

2) Now, use the same greeting for 10 strangers you see.

3) Write down how each person responds (For example, did they smile back? Look the other way? Say “hi” and smile?)

4) If you have time, try the experiment in more than one place. Try and wear the same clothing for each new location and follow the same study plan.

5) When you’re finished, send in your report to submissions@iTwixie.com or just write it in the comment section below!

Next Thursday, July 5, we will share everyone’s results of this experiment. How cool is that!?

When you send in your “report,” just answer these 5 questions:

1) How many people did you greet?

2) How did they respond to your greeting? How many ignored you? How many smiled back? How many smiled and waved?

3) Where did you see these 10 people?

4) What’s the name of your state and country?

5) Did you have fun?

We can hardly wait to see what you find out!

Inspired by PopCityMedia


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