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August 18, 2012

Babysitter 101 Tips

1. GIVE CHOICES Instead of asking the kids, what do you want to do? Ask them to make a choice between two things.

2. USE KIND WORDS If the child you are caring for isn’t behaving don’t get frustrated. Take a deep breath and tell them how you feel and if things get really bad, call the parents and ask if there is any thing you can do.

3. MY FAVE BABYSITTERS would play games and watch movies with me!

4. BE PATIENT! It took me a long time to learn to be patient with kids. Don’t push them around or they will get grumpy.

5. HELP THEM FORGET why they are crying by offering a snack and a game, book or movie. Remind them that their parents will be back!

6. ORGANIZE TIME SO EVERYTHING GETS DONE! If the child only wants to play, say, “you can play video games after lunch, or you can play video games after you play outside for a while.” A child should know that he can’t play video games every second of the day. Also, make sure that other kids get a turn if there is more than one kid.


Now, add your tips and questions. We’ll publish the list next week! How COOL :)

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