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Give Yourself a Pedicure!
August 3, 2010

You will need:

Some place to soak your feet (tub, large pan, bucket, …)

Bath salts or bath soap

Nail polish, remover, cotton balls


Pumice stone or skin buffer

Moisturizing cream



Before you start your pedicure, be sure your feet are clean and any old nail polish has been removed.

Gather your supplies and make yourself comfortable in an area with a water resistant floor (bathrooms or kitchens are usually good).

Fill your soaking tub (pan, bucket, whatever) with comfortably hot water.

Soak your feet for 10 minutes.

Work on one foot at a time. Dry one foot.

Use the pumice stone or skin buffer on any heavily callused areas – usually your outer heel area and outside of big toe.  You are only removing the dead skin in these areas. Rinse off.

Your toe nails should be nice and soft. Trim them to a straight finish. Use your nail file to be sure the finish is not sharp. Then use the moisturizer to make your feet nice and soft.

Use nail polish remover on the nail to be sure there is no oily residue.

Polish each nail with a base coat and then a finishing coat of nail polish.

Be sure to clean everything up and put it away – your parents will be so proud.

And YOU will feel absolutely FAB!




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