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August 9, 2012

Here are your “Accessorize” ideas (THESE ARE AMAZING! way to go, girls!):

1. Go to the movies with your peeps: bow hair-clip, duct tape necklace; lucky pin and fake earrings; my owl necklace, my peace sign earrings, and my love ring; dangling colorful earrings, charm bracelet, thick or thin scarf (Depending on the weather); a scarf with sunglasses; no bracelet, bottle cap necklace, hot pink headband, and a patterned scarf as a belt; beaded bracelet, hoop earrings; laugh wristband, key earrings and a key necklace.

2. Go to a picnic with your family: friendship bracelets, simple earrings; talent show bracelet, mood ring, and cat pin; elephant necklace, Australian crystal earrings, and charm bracelet; small cute flower earrings, long-ish necklace; charm bracelet, heart necklace, ice cream cone earrings, and neon pink belt; feather earrings; birth necklace, no earrings and tink bracelet.

3. Go to the amusement park: just a headband; elastics around my wrist and fake earrings; peace sign earrings and that’s it cause i don’t want it to fly off; hoop earrings, lots of wrist bands; silver belt and my purple elastic headband; stud earrings; NONE! *DON’ T WANT IT TO FALL OFF*

THIS WEEK: What do YOU recommend wearing on the first day of school here: 

1. A School with No Dress Code

2. Home School

3. Strict Uniform, Can Only Choose Hair and Socks

Be a great BFF and come up with some great ways to look like a gold medal winner on the first day of school :)

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