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Go Green! Part 1 by balooberry05
December 21, 2010


Firstalways buy recyled paper. Look for the paper in the package that says ‘Recyled’ or ‘Eco-Friendly’ on it. It saves lots and lots of trees!

When you are just doodling or doing some math problems, use both sides of the paper! Because if you draw 4 pictures, and you only use one side, that’s 4 pages, which is a lot more tree that 2 pages if you just used both sides!

Also, if you’re drawing or printing something out that you’re going to cut out later, don’t put it right in the middle of the paper! Put it on the side so you don’t use up so much of the sheet and can use the rest again. Don’t throw it away after you’ve cut it out!! The rest of the sheet you can use for other stuff!

And last but not least don’t throw ANY paper away!!! Like when you’re sitting at your desk making something out of paper and you mess up. Then you scrunch it up into a ball annd throw it in the trash. Don’t do that!! I mean don’t save all of your mess-ups, but you could make a recyling can in your room instead. Make sure you right RECYLING in big letters on it so nobody thinks its trash!  Then, instead of dumping your trash into the trash can, you would dump your recycling into the recycling can!

Hope you’ll use these tips and go GREENER!!!

*you should always be GREEN from balooberry05!*


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