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January 4, 2011

Buying non-organic foods can put chemicals in your body. It is not good for you. And also, buying foods that aren’t grown locally can waste jet fuel which is really bad for the environment! Buying local foods and organic foods are better, but why not buy both? Here is the first ever Your Life, But Greener! debate!

Your Life, But Greener! Debate #1: Organic VS Local. Who will win? Read and see!

Organic Pro’s:
~Healthier than Local.
~Grown with no chemicals.
~Grown by resposible farmers.

Organic Con’s:
~Has to be flown in.
~Bugs may have eaten part of food.
~Wastes jet fuel.

Local Pro’s:
~Grown closer than Organic.
~Bugs have not eaten it.
~Dosen’t need to be flown in.

Local Con’s:
~Grown with chemicals.
~Non-healthier than Organic.
~Farmers may not be eco-friendly.

Both are good, but organic is better. It is better to get food that is both Organic and Local. Saves jet fuel, and is healthy.

Hope you like my Your Life, But Greener! first ever debate! What do you think is better? Organic or local? Please get Organic and Local fruits and veggies if you can!

*Go Green From lulululu01!*

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