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Fun at the Pool!
June 24, 2009

How to do an underwater handstand:

1. Stand in the water about waist-deep.

2. Take a deep breath and dive forward into the water. Keep your knees tucked in toward your chest.

3. Once you’re under the water, reach your hands toward the pool floor. Then, straighten out your legs so they stick straight up in the air! If you point your toes, it will look extra pretty :)

Want a fun game to play with your pals? You can even play with just two people.

  • Stand toward the shallow end, so the water is a little more than waist-high.
  • Have your friend stand in front of you with her legs a little more than shoulder-width apart. Her back should be facing you.
  • Go underwater and swim through her legs. When you reach the surface, spread your legs apart a little so she can swim under yours now.
  • See how long it takes to do this across the whole length of the pool. Then, try it again faster and see if you can beat your time!

– If you have a group of pals together, you can time how long it takes to swim through all of your friends’ legs! Can you make it through all of them without a break? Be careful!

Tell us, what’s your favorite game to play at the pool? Write in the comment section below. We love to hear from ya!

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