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Happy First Day of Fall, iTwixie Girls Everywhere!
September 21, 2009

So get this: An equinox happens only twice in one year.  The vernal — March — equinox, and the autumnal — September — equinox.  Today is the autumnal equinox!

What is an equinox?  Well, it’s a moment that occurs when the tilt of Earth’s own axis is inclined neither away and neither towards the sun.  That just means that the sun is vertically above one Equator point. The equinox can happen on March 20 or 21, and on September 22 or 23.  It represents the date when the day and the night are equally long. The 2009 autumnal — September — equinox occurs today at 5:18pm Eastern Time.   Next year it will occur on September 23 at 11:09pm Eastern Time.  Pretty cool, right?

So, what are you going to do today to celebrate the first day of Fall?  Jump in some leaves?  Buy some new shoes?  Wear a cool scarf?

Tell us in the comment section below!

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