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Happy Prairie Dog Day!
February 2, 2010

That’s right!  Throughout many states in the USA, prairie dogs are claiming this day as theirs!  Ground hogs, or woodchucks, do not live in most of the western states. Prairie dogs do.  So many western states, such as Colorado, have taken the prairie dog as their gauge for how much more winter is on the way, the traditional role that ground hogs play!

Prairie dogs are related to ground hogs, and live in colonies on prairies, which as you know, are flat areas with grass.

Scientists call the prairie dog a keystone species because many animals depend on prairie dogs for survival.  If prairie dogs disappear, then a lot of animals will suffer.  Trouble is, there are a lot of people who only see the prairie dog as a pest.  Those people wish the prairie dog would just disappear.

So fans of prairie dogs have also helped to promote Prairie Dog Day because the more we all appreciate the prairie dog, the less likely it will be that we’ll let the prairie dog die off.

Hats off to the prairie dog!  And Happy Prairie Dog Day!  Now you can see how cute and important these animals are!

Check back tomorrow to see if the prairie dog saw her shadow!

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