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Play This "Star Shooter" Game!
December 26, 2009



This game is called “Star Shooter!”

  • Get 5 BFFs, neighbors or your family to play.
  • Have each player stand 2 feet apart, starting from right under the net and walking away from the net.
  • The person farthest away from the net is the first “Shooter.” (Everyone will take a turn playing as Shooter.)
  • The person under the net is called “Rebounder” and will be in charge of throwing the ball back to “Shooter.”
  • The game starts with “Shooter” taking one shot from each place that is taken up by a player, including “Rebounder’s” place.
  • For every shot that goes in, “Shooter” gets points!  1 point for right under the net, 2 points for 2 feet away, 3 points for 4 feet away, 4 points for 6 feet away, and 5 points for 8 feet away!
  • After each girl has 3 turns of playing as “Shooter,” whoever has the most points WINS!

How fun is that? Send a video of you and your peeps playing this fun game!  What other games do you like to play?  Have fun, everyone!  You rock!!

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