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Have You Harvested Your Sunflower Seeds?
November 1, 2010


iTwixie’s Tips on Harvesting Sunflower Seeds

• You know it’s time to harvest sunflower seeds, when the flower is brown and wilted and the seeds have a bit of a black stripe appearing on them

• Rub the seeds out of the flower and into a bowl

• Pick out stems and pieces of the flower

• Fill the bowl with water and add a quarter of a cup of salt to soak the seeds overnight and infuse them with a yummy saltiness

• Drain the salt water and spread the seeds on a paper towl, like in the picture, before spreading them on a cookie sheet

• Bake at 300 degrees for about 40 minutes, or until slightly brown.

Now you’re ready to enjoy your yummy sunflower seeds with your family or your BFFs! It’s so fun to crack open the shells and enjoy the tasty nuts inside. Plus, sunflower seeds are loaded with potassium and calcium. Enjoy!


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