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Healthy Feet Help You Be Your Smartest!
April 23, 2012


Many doctors believe that healthy feet = happy people. So here are some fabulous ways to keep your feet happy so you can be happy, too!

  1. Give yourself a pedicure – your soft, healthy feet will help you feel fabulous!
  2. Wear zany polish on your toes – when you glance at your toes it may make you a smile!
  3. Stretch your feet – widen your toes and move each one separately. It’ll wake you up!
  4. Strengthen your toes – pick up things like a marble with your toes once a day.
  5. Wear good shoes – find shoes that fit well and give support in the areas your feet… do you need arch support? Do you pronate? Will extra cushion give you better comfort? The right shoes can mean more energy!
  6. Massage your feet – use the “roller technique” by rolling a ball under the arches of your feet.
  7. Balance on your toes – and hold the pose for 10 seconds. Rest. Repeat 3 times a day.
  8. Walk with feet bare in the sand – if you are near a beach or have access to a sandbox. The sand will naturally and gently wear away dry, dead skin on your feet.
  9. Curl your toes and hold them tight and then flex!
  10. Run

Feet are the best. Without our feet we couldn’t run to catch the bus, play our fave sports, stand tip-toe to reach for something high or tap our toes to the music.

What makes YOUR feet happy?

You go girls!


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