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Learn About Clues Found in Australia!
April 3, 2012


After careful study, Prof. Fogel showed that humans were a big part of the changes in Australia that led to the extinction of most of Australia’s giant mammals and birds 45,000 years ago. This understanding can help humans make better choices now!

She is one of a group of scientists called the Nifty Fifty! You can even ask them to come to your school and speak:)

The Nifty Fifty are all part of the USA Science & Engineering Festival, which is working hard to make interesting science stories available to you! Famous scientists want you to know how much fun they have doing science. There will be all kinds of chances to meet them at the USA Science & Engineering Festival in DC!


STEM Challenge: Click here for the Nifty Fifty and name one scientist you would like to meet! Everyone that enters a name will get some iTwixie stickers!

The USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington DC is the LARGEST celebration of science in the whole USA.

iTwixie is the only media sponsor just for tween girls! Come join us! Smart girls around the world will be there, too! Check out the USA Science & Engineering Festival!


! What do you think? Will we see YOU there?



iTwixie girls are the smartest and savviest girls in the WORLD! Let’s all meet at the USA Science & Engineering Festival!


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