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Help 3 Girls with their Sticky Situations
July 13, 2011


1) There’s this girl, lets call her Bleh (ok, maybe I can stand to be a little random) at my school. And she totally dislikes me. I didn’t do anything to her! But she always glares at me whenever I look at her. One day I asked her what was for lunch and she said “get lost.” I mean, seriously, what’s her problem? She’s nice to everyone else! Please help me get her (Bleh) to like me! I’m new at my school, so I don’t have a ton of friends and I can’t afford to have people disn’ me!


2) Well folks, I have 2 BFFs who are arguing. Does anyone have advice!?


3) Okay, so my friend took my purse into the store, without my permission. So, I took her folder and dumped it in the bathroom stall at school. She feels mad, but I feel mad, too. What do I DO? Please answer ASAP. Girl drama is so DUMB.

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