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Help Write a Letter to Mrs. Obama!
September 4, 2011


Dear Mrs. Obama,

We think that you are doing an amazing job as First Lady. And we understand that you will not let your daughters have a Facebook account because they are too young. We think you are so right! That is part of the reason why we are writing to you. We are writing to you as the iTwixie Nation, a cool, smart community of tween girls from around the world, who think that iTwixie girls have the power to change the world for the better.

In fact, we think:


(Now, iTwixie girls, here’s where you come in… Do you want to ask for her help? Offer an idea? Ask for her thoughts? Whatever you’re thinking, add your ideas here. We’ll mail this letter to Mrs. Obama next week!)


iTwixie girls are the coolest, most amazing girls in the world. You go girls! Thank you for helping to write this letter to Mrs. Obama!

Now jot your messages right here! Thanks, oceania10, for this terrific idea!

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