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Try iTwixie's Tips for Babysitting!
January 3, 2010

Sometimes when you’re babysitting, what you say to the kids can make a huge difference in how they listen to you!

Try these iTwixie’s Tips for Babysitters and see if it makes a difference next time you’re babysitting!

1. Distract the kids from anything that makes them unhappy by talking about something fun or silly!

  • “Your parents will be so proud that you are being such a big girl (or boy)!”

  • “Why don’t we make a welcome home poster for your parents!”
  • “Let’s dream about marshmallow clouds and bubblegum drops that fall like rain…”

  • “Here’s my can of Monster Away!  Let’s use it to keep away the bad dreams (or spray under the bed)!”

  • “I’m going to sing a song, clean the dishes, and then come back up to check on you.  If you’re asleep, I’ll be so proud!”

2. Give ‘em compliments!

  • “Way to go for eating all of your dinner!  Now you get a little treat!”

  • “Wow – you can really pick up your toys fast.  Great job!”

  • “I love how you help your little brother (or sister) play with blocks!”
  • “You’re so speedy getting on those jammies!  We’ll have time for another book!”

  • “Your teeth are so well brushed, I hardly have to check them at all!”

3. Use “If, then…” to get the kids excited to do what’s next!

  • “If you drink your milk, then we’ll color a picture!”

  • “If you are quiet while I put your sister (or brother) to bed, we can have extra time to play.”

  • “If you put all of your toys in your toy box, we can build a tower together!”

  • “If you help me put away the riding toys, we can play catch!”

Do you have more tips to share?  Add ‘em right here!

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