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Here's How Fireworks Work
July 12, 2012

First, the winner of the STEM Challenge from last week is crazycoolkid13! Congratulations, crazycoolkid13! The non-essential part of the fireworks is in fact, the color!



Now look at this cool diagram from HowStuffWorks to see how aerial fireworks are put together!



1) The firework is shot into the air using something that works like a cannon! (called a cylinder with an explosive to shoot it high into the air).

2) The fuse (see string at top of diagram) is lit at the same time and burns just long enough to get the firework to the correct height. This is pretty exact so that fireworks can create a design like the one in the picture!

3) The bursting charge (shown in the diagram) causes the black powder to explode sending the “stars” in all directions and lighting them.

4) The stars are similar to sparklers you have seen on sticks for holidays. They create the light. And color can be added to the stars in the form of metals that burn a certain color when heated.

There are also multi-stage fireworks to make things even more complicated! The whole process is very well-controlled and makes the kind of show in the picture possible.

HOW cool is that?

Way to go, crazycoolkid13! Would you like a cool avatar for your iTwixie profile page?


Thanks to HowStuffWorks for the great diagram!


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