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Heroine Book Four: the Survivors' Aftermath
October 27, 2012

http://caboclonharaue.com/?kreosan=op%C3%A7%C3%B5es-bin%C3%A1rias-%C3%A9-crime&eef=e0 Well, here’re the summaries for each previous book.


helpful resources Book 1: Columbia, Talia, Whitney and Winter are kidnapped by a man named Scott Brave (he’s not referred to by his first name until Book 3), wiped clean of any memory, and given powers. They later run away when Mr. Brave tries to kill them and unearth his whole “Female Fatal: Human Weapons Operation,” or “Female Fatal” for short, and eventual incinerate him and save all of the teenage girls he’s turned.


http://www.thewoolshed.com.au/?mirti=comment-flirter-en-anglais&c6d=d4 Book 2: Winnie and Whitney are living together in a tree house, Talia in a shack on a Mediterranean beach, and Columbia in her previous home in the beginning. Then Winnie sends a disturbing message to Columbia and Talia. They have to go to a location in Maine to rescue her and Whitney. There, Talia discovers she’s a “Green Lantern” and we meet Mr. Brave’s son and his wife, Darlene. They kill Brave Jr. and Darlene vows to kill them.

my sources Book 3: Kate Barton joins as a recruit while Talia is on Oa, training. She and the only other human “Green Lantern,” Austin McLyde, go to earth to warn the Survivors of Darlene’s super-weapon. They go to Italy, where they find Darlene and Hailia DeLong joins them. Then Darlene knocks them out and takes them to Japan. After escaping, Ken Takeda joins them. They go to Oa to discover more about the super-weapon and upon returning, Tasha Summerfield joins them. They return to Oa, and then go peacefully to Darlene’s “Tro n”-esque, artificial planet. Just before Columbia is forced to fight Darlene on internationally live broadcast, they’re introduced to Columna, Columbia’s “evil twin.” Columbia fights Columna first, then fights and kills Darlene. Xavier offers for them to go to his institute, but they turn it down until a later date. Columbia is really the only one who goes, after the media dust settles and she’s out of the spotlight. Oh, and Whitney fakes her own death and takes up the name “Sierra.”

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