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Hey Tween Girls! Write A Resolution for 2010!
December 31, 2009


It’s the last day of 2009.  The last day of a decade.  It’s a great day to write a resolution!  Here are some tips to write a great resolution for YOU!

Answer these questions:

  1. What makes me most happy?
  2. What makes me most proud?
  3. What makes me feel uncomfortable or scared?

Now take the answer to the third question and make it a resolution!  Use the answers to numbers 1 and 2 to make your resolution something you can really do.

Like this!

So, let’s say these are your answers:

  1. I’m most happy when I’m with my family.
  2. I’m proud of scoring a goal in soccer this year.
  3. I’m afraid of the dark!

Here is an example of a great resolution:

In 2010, I resolve to get my family help me get over how scared I feel when I’m alone in a dark room.  I am going to work to feel just like I feel when I score a goal in soccer, every time I am NOT scared of the dark!

Try it!

What’s YOUR resolution for 2010?

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