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Holiday Babysitting
December 14, 2012

Last Time:

You told us: “ITS ONE OF MY HOBBIES AND THE MEMORIES THAT I MAKE ARE THOSE THAT I WILL CHERISH FOREVER AND THATS WHAT MAKES ME, WELL, ME!”, “baby sitting is a good experience for both the child and the person who is going to babysit them”, “I like to babysit my little brother. There is only problem with this, I don’t get paid. I still watch him. You know it’s not about the money it’s about having fun.” 

You were surprised: “I ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT BABYSITTING WOULD BE A PIECE OF CAKE! I WAS WRONG!”, “The first time I babysat I was in a town two hours away from my home and I was in the middle of a car dealership with a seven year old girl who was hyper…”

You find good things to do: “I like reading them stories. It’s quite fun and they’re learning.”

This Time:

1. Is it more fun to babysit over the holidays? Or is it harder?

2. Do you have special things you do because of the holidays … crafts, read special stories, play different games?

3. Do you charge more during the holidays? 


Happy Holidays!

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