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How Do Dogs Get What They Want?
November 3, 2011

Many dog owners say that it seems like their dogs can read minds! They cannot figure out how their dogs do it, but they say their dogs seem to know when to beg for treats or when to just be sneaky and steal them.


So researchers decided to try and figure out how dogs learn when it’s a good time to beg and when it’s a good time to be sneaky and steal treats.

But here’s the cool part. These researchers didn’t just study pet dogs. They studied wild dogs, too. And they found out that wild dogs AND pet dogs do three things to figure out how to get the treats that they want. Dogs are smart!

So ready to take iTwixie’s STEM Challenge? Pick which of these things DOES NOT help dogs to learn how to get what they want. Three of these do help. Only one does not. Good luck! We’ll tell you the correct answer tomorrow!

Have you seen the iTwixie Dog? Is she getting what she wants? Send your reported sightings, stories, poems or photos to judy@iTwixie.com!


The CORRECT ANSWER for the iTwixie’s STEM Challenge is: Pet dogs “beg.” Wild dogs do not “beg.” This is just not true – all dogs will “beg” to get what they want. They are smart like that!

Source: Springer Science+Business Media (2011, June 9). Canine connection: Study explores how dogs think and learn about human behavior. ScienceDaily.

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