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How Do Fireworks WORK?
July 5, 2012


There are four critical parts to an aerial firework. iTwixie has given you five (hmm, what is wrong with this?)

Fireworks are launched from a mortar. The mortar might be a short, steel pipe with a charge of black powder that explodes in the pipe to launch the shell. When the lifting charge fires to launch the firework, it lights the shell’s fuse. The shell’s fuse burns while the shell rises to its correct altitude, and then ignites the bursting charge so it explodes.

STEM Challenge: Which of these does not belong?

  • Container – Usually pasted paper and string formed into a cylinder
  • Stars – Spheres, cubes or cylinders of a sparkler-like composition
  • Color – added bits of metal and chemicals to create a special color
  • Bursting charge – Firecracker-like charge at the center of the shell
  • Fuse – Provides a time delay so the shell explodes at the right altitude

Next week on July 12, we will announce which part does not belong. We will not post any answers until then. The first iTwixie girl to get the correct answer will win a Fireworks avatar designed by creativegenius:)

Source: HowStuffWorks

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