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How Smart Is A Crow?
September 2, 2010

Birds can make tools to get food. New research shows that crows can figure out how to get tools to get food. This extra step of “planning” to get the food shows researchers a “higher level of learning” or intelligence. In other words, scientists are learning that crows are really smart! WOW!


Just think for a moment, this means:

  1. Crows figure out where food is, even if they cannot reach it.
  2. Then, crows can figure out a way to get a tool, even if it’s out of reach, that might get the food.
  3. And after that, the crow can make a plan to get a tool that’s out of reach.
  4. The big news here, is that after figuring all of that out, crows will then use a tool, in this case the short stick, in order to then get the long stick, and gets the food! It’s so cool!
Scientists are impressed. Are YOU? Are any of your pets that smart? Tell us all about it in the comments below!
Source: Telis, Gisela. (2010, April 20). “Clever Crows, Complex Cognition?” ScienceNOW.

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