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How to Deal With Stress
August 22, 2009

  • Get some ZZZ’s! Did you know tween girls should get at least nine hours of sleep each night? So get your ZZZ’s! You will feel well-rested and more energetic.

  • Make a To-Do List. It sounds so simple, but it really does help. Next time you’re overwhelmed with homework, sports practice, friends, or whatever… just jot down things you have to do and tackle each one-by-one.
  • Breathe! Researchers have found that this simple breathing technique helps out in stressful situations, like before your next test. It’s so easy:
    • Take a deep breath in through your nose while you count to 5.
    • Let that breath out of your mouth while you count to 8.
    • Repeat this several times!

Fun fact: Doing these beathing exercises also brings more oxygen to your blood which can wake you up when you’re feeling tired, lazy, or groggy.

What do you do to handle your hectic schedule? Help each other out and add your tips below!

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