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How To Get People To Go Green!
November 30, 2010

How To Go Green Bake Sale:

  • Plan a bake sale with your friends and/or family!
  • Plan what you are going to sell, (I recommend choco chip cookies and mini cupcakes)
  • Plan how much everything will be.
  • Make mini brochures (Sorry if I spelled that wrong) on a computer that show info about the world and how going green can save it. If you want some info, check out my Great Debate Article One in one of my past blogs. Make about 20-50 copies of the mini brochures.
  • Make a BIIIG cardboard sign that says “Girls Gone Green Bake Sale!” and make sure it has bright colors so people will notice it.
  • When customers buy the food give them a mini brochure with it too. If they buy more than one food, ONLY GIVE THEM ONE BROCHURE! If you give them one for each item, then they will only read one and then throw the others out, and that would waste paper which you are trying to prevent.
  • When they start to leave and have already paid for some food, call out “Have a nice day and go green!”


After the bake sale is over, you will end up with a bunch of money. What are you doing with it? Keeping it? Donating it to a charity? If you are donating it to a charity, then you should make sure it is a wildlife charity. You can do other charities, but a wildlife saving one can save animals, and that will also save the planet.

Have fun with your bake sale!

Like it? It is a great way to make money, and to get people to go green!

Well, bye bye!

*Go Green From lulululu01!*

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