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Take this Healthy Plate Challenge Just for Tweens!
June 27, 2011


Introducing a new program announced by First Lady, Michelle Obama, that makes healthful eating so simple! Just fill YOUR plate like this!

Easy, right?

Whoa… where’s the french fries? The double burger?

That’s right… when you look closely, you can see that this plate has TWO servings of fruits/vegetables and just one serving of a protein and another of a grain.

Is this how you fill YOUR plate? C’mon… be honest…

We talked about this same idea as The Healthy Plate Challenge last year, right here on iTwixie! Check it out!

Eating healthfully is a Summer Must for tweens! So here’s this summer’s challenge:

2 helpings of fruits and vegatables, 1 serving of starch, 1 serving of a protein for tween girls
Photo Credit: Brad Eshbach

For two weeks, fill your 8-inch plate with:

• 1/4 protein (cheese, eggs or meats)

• 1/4 grains (pasta, bread or rice)

• 1/2 fruits/vegetables (strawberries, celery, salad)

After two weeks, do you feel happier? Healthier? Full of more energy?

Go for it, girls! And tell us all about it! We’ll check back in TWO weeks… good luck!

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